How to judge visitors leaving the website

Hi, I have used matomo for about one month.I want to know if the matomo could judge every visitor left the site or still in accurately.I checked the API interface and the source code ,but found nothing. If someone knows about it ,please tell me. Thx .

Hi, Mark Wang! Your question, “I want to know if the matomo could judge every visitor left the site or still in accurately”. is unclear.

I know of many ways that Matomo can tell when someone has left a website. A few of these include bounce count, exit_nb_uniq_visitors, and exit_nb_visits.

Although I have not yet begun tracking individual behavior, is it not likely that you can use the segment parameter to achieve your goal for individual visitors?


I am also not exactly clear on what insight you are expecting to see based on your comment.

Matomo will count a bounce for a single page visit and also count an exit for a page that forms the last page viewed in a visit. All bounces are exits, but not all exits are bounces. Also an event that occurred on a page should (this I am not 100% sure for Matomo) ensure that visit does not class as a bounce.

You can’t know in real-time when a bounce occurs or exit occurs, only a specific event would infer that.

If you are looking for a full list of people (Visitors or Users depending on you tracking), then you could segment with action is a page view and number of actions are less that two against get Users or get Unique Visitors.

Use the heartbeat: JavaScript Tracking Client: Integrate - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

My comment may not be useful but you can easily track with Matomo Tag Manager the user of who the mouse left the window and tracked it as an event.
It looks like this at the end:

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