How to integrate Piwik events in android application

Hello Guys,
Good morning!!!
I am working on piwik api integration for events tracking in android project. I found piwik java library on git hub but base on my knowledge i conclude that its not working with android application. If i am doing any thing wrong please help me out for PIWIK integration in android.

Thanks and regards,
Chetan Mekha.

Hi Chetan,

We still haven’t released the Android SDK tracker. Please comment see this feature request: Release a Android SDK for Piwik - Mobile App Analytics · Issue #4733 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Hello Matt,
Thanks for reply, I would like to know as there is any Beta version available for piwik android integration so that i can start working on it or upto when you guys are going to publish Piwik Android SDK.

Hello Everyone,

We have started working on the Android SDK for Piwik… and we need your help!
If you can help us with testing & reviewing the code, please write in this issue: Testing the Android SDK for Piwik · Issue #1 · matomo-org/piwik-sdk-android · GitHub