How to integrate google captcha in login page

Hello everyone!

Does anyone know how Google Captcha version 2 or 3 can be integrated in the login or register page?


You might want to look at a few simple ( or complex ( plugins that modify how the Matomo login works.

Also be aware that adding a Captcha to the login page might not bring as much benefit as expected and makes things inconvenient and adds privacy issues.
If an attacker has gained access to a users credentials the captcha won’t stop them. And if the attackers try to bruteforce the password, Matomo should be able to detect it.

Hi Lukas, thanks for the prompt reply and advice.

The need to include google captcha in the forms is an essential requirement for the project, you want to have that extra layer of security. Obviously, with only the recaptcha, full security is not achieved but in this case it is essential.

Thanks. I was also thinking about how to do this.