How to install piwik with session_save_handler = dbtable?


I’m trying to install piwik in a Heroku-like environment. I’m using Dokku, which emulates Heroku on your own server with Docker as the underlying technology.

I believe I’m in a chicken an egg problem. Since the filesystem is temporary on a setup like this, I have to use the database to store session data. So I have set session_save_handler = dbtable in the config file. However, when then try to visit my newly minted piwik install, I get an error message saying that the sessions database table does not exist.

Any suggestions on how to get out of this bind? Is there a command line that I can run to setup the database tables and scheme to be able to get the web app in a working state then complete the installation on the web app?


I’m running into the same error on Heroku with GitHub - dz0ny/heroku-docker-piwik: Piwik packaged for Docker and Heroku. Any help appreciated.

I’m facing the same error with docker only. I’m trying to create a docker image for Piwik with dbtable session enabled and i’m having this issue, did you have any luck with this?