How to increase the live widget request_timeout



I need to increase the time live widget waits for a reply. Maybe because i highly customized the live plugin (mainly for real-time notifications) in my case if there is a request timeout the widget dies and is not refreshed anymore. My JS is modified such that it does not depends on focus/blur so it refreshes all the time. From what i can see the timeout always occurs at 21.01 seconds, i suppose this is the set timeout right now. How can i make it 60 seconds for instance, before giving up? Found in documentation "setRequestTimeout() — Sets the maximum number of seconds that the tracker will spend waiting for a response from Piwik " but dont know if that`s what i need or how to do it, as i am not a developer. Any help appreciated.


can at least someone to tell me what is the expected behavior in case there is a request timeout in the live widget that is in a permanent state of focused tab? Shouldn`t it “move on” pass the error with timeout and schedule another request to server? or should it remain in a frozen state until manually refreshed? (as it is to me)