How to implement the Opt-Out-Code in WordPress


I just build up the website of my company in WordPress. Instead of Googly Analytics I prefer to use Matomo. Matomo is installed and running fine. By the way: Matomo is hosted on the same server where my website is: Local installation.

Concerning one point I do not get ahead! I checked several websites in the internet, my Matomo special book - I could not find an answer concerning my question.

I would like to impelemt the Opt-Out code of Matomo as an iFrame. I found the according code. But I do not have a clue where to add this code. Which file? And where do I find it?

I am not an programmer. The entire website was build with Elementor and WordPress. I did not code anything.

Maybe you can help me to figure out where to add the code of the iFrame.

Thanks a lot for your support.

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Hello again,

Has really nobody an idea where to add the code of the iFrame for the Opt-Out code?

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Well, it looks like my problem is either too simple, or too far away from the typical questions asked here in the forum. Pity!

Does this answer your question: