How to ignore system integrity warnings?

Hey there. I’m running a Docker container of the Matomo image and do not want to create a custom image for Matomo where I have to check for updates and stuff. But I’m getting annoyed about the cron warning which is only achievable with a custom Dockerfile. I don’t want to use a crontab because it’s a small website and I’m fine. I want to ignore this warning but how can I do this? Like this it is always misleading me that there is a real problem.


I’m not sure if this is something a lot of people need, but it is simple to implement and avoids potentially missing other important warnings, so I tried to implement it here:

It turns out this is already possible by creating a config/config.php file in your Matomo directory and adding:


return [
    'diagnostics.disabled' => DI\add([DI\get('Piwik\Plugins\Diagnostics\Diagnostic\CronArchivingCheck')])