How to have search keywords


I don’t know why I can’t see keywords on Matomo in my statistiques by default. I found this guide :
I follow all the steps but I have a problem here :"Login to Matomo as Super User, click on “Administration (cog icon)” on the top right, and click on “Search Performance” under “System”. "
I don’t have this menu?
I have only these item menu :

  • Paramètres généraux
  • Utilisateurs
  • Extensions
  • Géolocalisation
  • Messagerie Mobile

Can you help me please ?

Hi @houba_houbi
This feature is a premium one (it is not free) and must be installed first before being used:

Hi Philippe,
I don’t understand because in the documentation it isn’t specified that it is necessary to add an additional plugin?
It’s dishonest because it looks like it’s available on the basic Matomo solution…
I am disappointed because I changed to Matomo when I saw the different possibilities, which for me were therefore free according to the docs that I find. So there are fewer things than on GAnalytics…
And 150 euros to add for each thing that is missing and per year, it is much too expensive for my use.

I work as an SEO professional and trust me: you don’t need keywords in your analytics software.

If you really, really want them, you can have them for free following this procedure:

  1. Link your Matomo database to Looker Studio as a data source
  2. Add Google Search Console to the same Looker Studios report
  3. Join Matomo data with GSC data
  4. Enjoy your keywords
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Hello,I don’t understand how to link to Looker studio ? As I see in the internet research it
is not a free service?

Your Matomo On Premise installation should have a MySql database, right?

You can connect the DB in Looker studio with this:


Thank you for your reply. I didn’t know that Looker Studio was a Google product and free, I thought it was the product of a company because when I searched the first time I came across a site with prices… So I’m going to see that and give it a try.

Just a question because I have several sites: my site, my husband’s site and my sister’s site and I use a single Matomo database for these 3 sites. Can I connect Looker Studio for these 3 sites to my database? I guess I have to do this from every Google account: mine, my husband and my sister? Or how to proceed?


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My experience so far with Looker Studio was that the Looker report is per 1 x website ; lets say you wanna connect Google Search Console from all 3 websites to 1 x Looker Studio.

When I tried to do this myself on multiple sites, I wasn’t able to pull in the data from different sites into one Looker Studio report.

I was able though to pull in Google Analytics + Google Search Console data from one website into the same Looker Studio report.

Thus, I’d say in your case for 3 websites you’ll have 3 different Looker Studio reports.

But you’re saying you have one Matomo database for all 3 sites. Most likely you can pull all 3 sites’ Matomo into one Looker Studio as you have one source (combined all 3), but for Google Search Console you can’t pull 3 x Google Search Console data into one Looker Studio.

Come to think of it, if you will have 3 different Looker Studio, you can filter your Matomo hostname in each Looker Studio if you wanna combine Google Search Console data per each website.

At least that was my experience so far unless something changed in the meantime.

Let us know how you go : )


You’ll need to connect the database, in detail: you’ll need to connect each table you wish to extract data from as a separate data source.

Expect to tinker with data blends (e.g. sessions and conversions data are on separate tables), but apart from this you just need:

  1. One Google account
  2. One Looker Studio account
  3. One Looker Studio report
  4. Database credentials that can be accessed from Looker Studio (read only is ok)

It’s doable and all for free :grinning:

Good luck!


You’ll need to connect the database, in detail: you’ll need to connect each table you wish to extract data from as a separate data source.

Is this what you mean by connecting Looker Studio to the database right? just user, pass, db host and db name:

Edit: pls disregard, you mentioned it just above : D

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Exactly this!

Keep in mind that you’ll need to connect each table as a separate data source.

Connect only the tables you need and blend the data appropriately.

You can join different tables (e.g. log_visit and log_conversion) using the idvisit key.

Thanks, I have not yet connected a DB on Matomo, so will be cool to test.

I was under the impression that Looker Studio is free for a limited number of data entries. I had a look, and it seems that there is a MySQL connector in Looker Studio that I can use.

Is there a limit as far as you know for the database entries that you’d import from Matomo into Looker Studio?

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No limit, as far as I know. Apart from the “one table / one data source” thing.

No limit, as far as I know. Apart from the “one table / one data source” thing.

Great to know, thanks!

I don’t understand everything because I’m a foreigner.
But something bothers me: if I left Google it is because it is not GDPR compliant.
So if I understood correctly by connecting LookingStudio to Matomo, Google will therefore have access to my Matomo database and therefore access to the data… and that they will use as they want…

If you’re storing anonymized data (and Matomo default settings grant a good level of anonymization already), there’s nothing you should worry about.

It’s not personal data and as such they’re not covered by the GDPR.

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