How to handle outbound links from piwik?


I have installed piwik on my main site ( Then, I create a new site on piwik and add javascript tracking code to my another site ( Then, I found that when I check backlink from site 1. I got many backlink from site 2. I checked by using command However, I don’t want my site 1 to get any backlink from site 2.

This problem happens because in javascript tracking code has url of site1 in it.

Is there any solution for me to resolve this? Is using redirect possible for javascript?


Hi Nicholas
What is a “backlink”? And what do you mean if you say you “get” backlinks?

The javascript tag must contain the URL of the server where Piwik is running. How else could the tracking work?

If you add urls as “alias urls” they will not appear in the Referers>Websites report.