How to get Unique visitors from a defined Referral and for a specific url?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get unique visitors for a specific url and a specific referral but I didn’t succeed to achieve that :

I’ve tried with this params :

‘method’ => ‘Actions.getEntryPageUrls’,
‘period’ => ‘day’,
‘date’ => ‘today’,
‘idSubtable’ => 2,
‘segment’ => ‘referrerName@=facebook;pageUrl@=bm_cid’

But I got : “The segment ‘referrerName@=facebook’ is not valid.”

When I try the segment query separately => it’s correct for the pageUrl but not for the referrerName :/.

Someone can help me please ?

Nope segments is not correct :confused:

Up it still not correct ?

Any idea of how can I do that ?

Ok after several attempt I found this :

        'method' => 'VisitsSummary.getUniqueVisitors',
        'period' => 'month',
        'date' => 'today',
        'segment' => 'referrerName=@'.$$referral$$.';pageUrl=@'.$$your_rules$$,

Hope it will help someone else.