How To get top rank on google search engine?

Friends my site is not getting rank what i have to do for top ranking my site:


You need to learn what SEO (search engine optimization) is and then optimize your site for wanted keywords. Depending on the keyword you want to rank for, it can take weeks, months or years and thousands of dollars.

I suggest start reading and learning about SEO from blackhatworld

Good luck!

Thanks for reply, can you give me tips to get backlinks?

Google itself gives support on its search engine

Read blackhatworld forum, it has all the info you will ever need. Forget Google-s own advice, they are not really interested in you ranking your site for a specific keyword, they are more interested in giving you vague ideas about “high quality content” and “the traffic will come” which is bulls*it. All they want is you to buy Adwords from them.

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