How to get to SecurityInfo?

Hello again,

Sorry for a stupid question, but probably I’m a blind man or something is wrong with my Piwik. I’ve installed SecurityInfo plugin in order to check how secure my Piwik instance is. The plugin has been activated successfully, but now I can’t see any link to it in the left navbar. Where should I look for it? Under Settings menu?


[li] Piwik: 2.4.0-b3
[/li][li] SecurityInfo: 1.0.4


same problem here with this and also other plugins. None of them is visible after switching to 2.4.0-b3

Thanks for the report, I’ve released SecurityInfo 1.0.5 which should help with this issue, please report any other problem you may have!

by updating ONE plugin resolved TWO problems, in SecurityInfo and in ScheduledTasks!
Thank you

I’ve upgraded SecurityInfo plugin to version 1.0.5. Now I can see Diagnostic -> Security link and finally check my server :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, Matt!


I’ve just installed a Piwik 2.3.0 but I can’t install the SecurityInfo plugin, it says I have to upgrade to Piwik 2.4.0-b1 to use it.

Should I upgrade to the beta or sit tight until that release becomes stable?



The beta should work well (we are at beta 7 now!)