How to get the visit summary from Live.getLastVisitsDetails API?


I have extracted data from Live.getLastVisitsDetails API and it’s giving all the information. However, I am not sure how to find the following general metrics from the extracted data from Live.getLastVisitDetails API

  • nb_uniq_visitors - Number of unique visitors
  • nb_visits - Number of Visits (30 min of inactivity considered a new visit)
  • nb_users - Number of unique active users (visitors with a known User ID). If you are not using User ID then this metric will be set to zero.
  • nb_actions - Number of actions (page views, outlinks and downloads)
  • sum_visit_length - Total time spent, in seconds
  • bounce_count - Number of visits that bounced (viewed only one page)
  • max_actions - Maximum number of actions in a visit
  • nb_visits_converted - Number of visits that converted a goal
  • nb_conversions - Number of goal conversions
  • revenue - Total revenue of goal conversions

Can anyone show me the right documentation for the above?

The Live.getLastVisitsDetails API will give you raw tracking data (each action in each visit of a specific time range…).
If you wants to get aggregated values, you can either sum / average raw data (but this would be fastidious)
use another API as VisitsSummary.get for example:

Thanks, @heurteph-ei I need to have the metrics with each day. I tried the visit summary, however, it’s not giving dates. So I went with live.getlastvisitdetails and did sum.

Thanks. I connected the API and stored the data into Azure Synapse.

I think doing requests on each day (and maybe store the result somewhere) on VisitSumary would probably be more efficient than summing manually each metric…