How to get date and time of visits from report API?

Hello everyone, I would first thank you for the time you will spend reading and helping me on this topic, so big thanks !

I’m a newbie but I now know how to track traffic (I’m using both the js tracker and pixel one) and how to query the report API to get the info I need.

The problem is I can’t find after multiple searchs on the API pages, google, and this forum how to get date and time of visits I log in my campaign (by user let’s say).

Is it mandatory to buy ActivityLog plugin to get those info out of my Matomo database ?


Thanks to Lukas’s answer this is now sorted out :slight_smile:


If you want to view the raw data of all visits, you can use the Live! API. Live.getLastVisitsDetails should do what you want (especially if you combine it with a segment).

ActivityLog does something completly different. It allows you to log everytime someone changes a setting or does anything in the admin interface.

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Thanks a lot I just found out, my bad I’ve missed this one ! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
(I’m not deleting this post in case it could help someone like me hehe)

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