How to force Piwik to merge files in production environment

When I modify a single file (a JS, for example), Piwik does not merge all JS files just because I modified one of them. I know I can enable development mode, but my Piwik is in production, so, it is not possible. Is there a console way to achieve this task? I found these links, but non of them helped me with my problem:

JavaScript and CSS: JavaScript and CSS: Develop - Piwik Analytics - Developer Docs - v3
Making Piwik UI faster: Making Piwik UI faster - Analytics Platform - Piwik
Piwik reporting UI doesn’t have…: Piwik reporting UI doesn't have any css style or, the menu text appears on a white background, or I get JavaScript errors in the Piwik UI. How to fix this display problem? - Analytics Platform - Piwik

I’m looking to trigger the listener for an event like this: “Piwik does not merge and minify JavaScript and CSS files on every request as it takes a long time to do this. They are only merged on certain events, such as when enabling a new plugin.


The probably easiest way to force piwik to regenerate all JS and CSS files is deteting the content of the tmp/ folder.

Thank you for your response. I ended up creating a dummy plugin to uninstall and activate every time I need to merge assets. I deleted tmp folder, but it did not do the trick.