How to force detection of available updates?

I have one server, 4 matomos on it, all installed the same day about two years ago.

3 out of 4 matomos “spam” me for over a week now with the information that a new release is available for update 4.0.0, 4.01. etc. Good.

1 out of 4 matomos denies knowledge of a new version of matomo and thinks that 3.14.1 is the latest release. Browsing to Administration and clicking on the “Search for updates” button does not help. It insist that no new version is available. Not good.

What to do? I would not like to do it on the server itself but via the web interface.


The Matomo rollout is set up in a way so that it is not shown to everyone at the same time.

If you want to update now, the easiest way is to set the release channel to beta (and revert it after the update).

See for more information

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Thanks for the info Lukas. I also believe it is good to show the release to the outside world in chunks. No dissent here at all.

What wonders me is why the provided way to detect a new version manually does not work. Probably a bug in the end which should be reported? There is a “Search for updates” button in the Administration section but it does not seem to work though I would expect it to.

Ah, just saw the section at the bottom of the linked document. Ok, however this button really should be removed if it is not functional to prevent false expectations.


The idea for the slow rollout was implemented after the last Matomo 3 release, so it works completely (update-)serverside. You are right that the manual update check should probably override this, but this could only be implemented in one of the next updates.

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Thanks for your reply. I opened an issue for this Let’s see what happens.