How to find which user have which websites linked to his account?


I want to keep track of Users and their websites. What is the best way to do it?


User ID - Analytics Platform - Matomo is perfect for this.

But keep in mind all privacy implications of uniquely identifying your visitors.

Thanks for the reply. Actually, in the administration section there are links which shows list of Users and Websites but can not show which user have which access to which websites. I want to see report that will show User with websites to which he/she have view/admin access.

Is there any relation between users and websites and their access in the database?

Ah, sorry didn’t read properly

So one can view who has which access for a specific website.

But there is no way I know of to see for a specific user to be able to see which websites they have some kind of access to.

I think this would be a nice feature, so can you please create an issue on GitHub describing it more detailed?


Sure. Thanks for the reply.

It seems like the piwik_access table has a list of all connections.

For now, I am using the piwik_access table to fetch user and sites.


Matomo 3.6.0 has a completly new user management interface with many new features. Can you check if it maybe solves your issue?