How to export full list of visited urls, timestamp and user?

We analyse Confluence usage with Piwik and have to report activities according to space categories within Confluence - both active and passive activities. Active usage (edits) can be analyzed from the Confluence DB. No problem. Passive usage (number of views per space) means to link content in Confluence DB with tracked urls in piwik using the url as a matching criteria.

Since Confluence creates two different urls we have a readable url and an url with a stupid id which doesn’t say anything about the content. That’s why we cannot use piwik to filter spaces. The only way we see is to extract a list of visited urls to combine them with Confluence content table externally.

So we can find out how often a space (and it’s content) was visited. So my question: How do I get a list out of piwik database containing

  • visited url
  • user
  • timestamp of url-request

The documentation doesn’t say much about it.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

we are considering building a plugin to measure Atlassian confluence pages. Would that be of interest to you maybe? if so please get in touch at - thank you!