How to expand size of widgets?


How can I make piwik dashboard make the widgets bigger?

As you see here:

I don’t see the full URL but have plenty of space for it.


It would be nice to also let a user resize the widget as a whole. It is silly to limit all widgets to such a small size.

There’s already a ticket re: truncated URLs.

A general method of arbitrarily resizing widgets isn’t currently possible and isn’t on the roadmap.

Thats to bad. This project had such promise.

The link also displays piwik/0. The text portion of the link is correct just massively trunkated. Almost all data reported on the site is now useless to me because I can’t see what it is.

The massive trunking, how everything is a small widgets, and bad links. That is enough for me not to use Piwik.

I can do fine if I can get the SQL queries that give the results for Outlinks and Downloads. Otherwise I will have to move on.

truncating is an annoying business as there’s no way of knowing in advance the width of the text therefore after how many characters to truncate.
problem is that when not truncated, then it looks ugly when labels go over two lines.

how other software solve this problem?

  • one way could be to expand size of each table of data to increase truncation limit, but that would only make things less worse, problem would still be there for longer labels
  • we could add a link "show untruncated items" below the table but woudl make the UI more complicated
  • we could have an option in the config file "do not truncate labels in table" but only power users would use it
  • what other solution and how others solved this problem?

I found a quick temporary solution.

Edit: plugins/Actions/API.php

Reduce the function to the following:

function Piwik_truncateActionsPath( $path ) {
      return htmlspecialchars($path);

This removes the PHP trunking on Labels. There is still some JS or CSS trunking in place. But the Data at least comes back in full and with Firebug I am able to use the Raw HTML returned by the RPC request.

I suggest you implement this change and leave the trunking to JS or CSS. You already have the + button at the bottom of each widget. You can add a ‘remove truncation’ option to that. This won’t dirty the UI very much.

Of course the feature that would make me the most happy is for All the pages in the Actions tab to be a full page feature. I know some URLs will still be to long but most of them will not be. And having an option to remove truncation will solve those edge cases.

I removed this function as you’re right truncating is done on JS side.
was this truncating on the php side causing a bug for you? can you ellaborate please?


I think the current truncation for action>page urls (or titles) is too short at present. Most of my websites have the website name appearing before the page title in the title tag, so most of the actual page title is cut off. Same problem with long URL’s.

Perhaps the length of the truncation should be made a bit longer.

I’ve changed them to full URL’s for now by changing the following:


html='<span class="truncated" title="'+vCleaned+'">'+newStringTruncated+'</span>';

changed to:

to  html='<span class="truncated" title="'+vCleaned+'">'+vCleaned+'</span>';

width changed from 500px to 800px

Since this table is all that’s on the page it seems sensible to have it set to 800px wide.

Jen x