How to Exclude WebResource.axd and ScriptResource.axd?


WebResource.axd and ScriptResource.axd are MS components that are related to ASP backend processing and not the app itself. Therefore, we dont want to report on them. They live in the root directory.

I’m using log file analytics (

I’ve tried adding --exclude-path=WebResource.axd --exclude-path=ScriptResource.axd to the import script, but I think the script must not see these pages as a “path”, so this is not working to exclude them.

Any thoughts on how to exclude these pages from the import (short of a grep -v)?

Thank you,

Hi Kyle, we possibly could such feature in the script. A new issue or even a pull request, would be welcome :slight_smile: at: GitHub - matomo-org/piwik-log-analytics: Import any kind of server logs in Piwik for powerful log analytics. Universal log file parsing and reporting.