How to exclude visits from

How to exclude visits from
They have too many IP`s to use option “exclude ip”

It depends on what you mean with

If you want to remove all visits that come from the IP that resolves to, this plugin will help:

But I guess this isn’t your problem (why should there many people visiting your website from the server of this website), but rather that this website shows up in the list of referrers in Piwik.
This is called referrer spam and Piwik uses a blocklist to ignore such sites: GitHub - piwik/referrer-spam-blacklist: Community-contributed list of referrer spammers. Comment +1 in any issue or Pull request and the spammer will be added to the list!

So if the issue is that this website is spamming your referrers list without legitim visitors coming from this website, add the url to this repository.

I added a to spamlist in /vendor/piwik/referrer-spam-blacklist/spammers.txt but it is not working still I see a vistit from

I have many visit (propably bots) from blogarama because I have added 4 site there.