How to exclude users from different IP address ranges

Hi all,
I am trying to exclude users between the following range of lists of IP addresses,
For example from up to

and similarly for

visitIp>; up to visitIp<

visitIp>; up to visitIp<

I want to remove these IP lists from matomo, Please guide for correct format and ways on how can they be implemented in the above section under manage website(ref screenshot)

Thanks for helping!

Hi Chanpreet,
This is answered in the FAQ:

Note that it excludes those IPs moving FORWARD. So your old data will still show those excluded IPs unless you import the logs again.


Hi @i_like_matomo , Thanks for helping out,

I wanted to confirm so I can write Like

10.34.. and matomo will automatically consider it up to 10.34.x.y where x and y are numbers from 0 up to 255

Also, I have a list of three ranges that I need to exclude, How do we separate each

Is this correct format

10.34..,206.172.., 206.47..

I used CIDR format, one entry per line. I think you can also use wildcards as per the FAQ, so:

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