HOw to embed security notice to wordpress

Hello Community,
can someone recommend a way to show the privacy policy message and buttons in wordpress?

We use the matomo plugin to attach tracking code to the website and the Betheme Theme.

I would be happy for every hint.



Matomo doesn’t include a finished privacy notice, so you’d need to build your own or check for wordpress plugins that can display a banner.

Ok, thanks Lukas,
however I never worked with JavaSchript before so I think I have to disable Matomo on all 4 Websites after several years.

Maybe someone has an idea for such a plugin or did that already and can share tips with me


There is no need to disable Matomo because of this. Depending on how you are tracking users you may not need opt-in and just need to properly inform them.

There was already an idea about adding this to WP-Matomo:

Hey Lukas,
well there is this opt-out code, why can’t matomo create such a code and than let me place it somewhere e.g. in such a banner, there must be plugins I guess.

I’m not tracking User-Id nor Order Id. ip addresses are saved with 1byte.