How to edit piwik dashboard page for all sites

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Hello. I use piwik for all my subdomains…But I don’t know how to edit piwik dashboard page for all sites. I want edit dashboard for all created sites in piwik for all users. Is this possible?And How? For example… I want to use piechart for visitor browsers. So If i login to system as user1 which can only view website1 there will be piechart for visitor browsers. And If I login to system as a user2 which can only view website2 there will be also piechart for visitor browsers…And so on…So how can I edit dashboard for all users and all websites in my piwik on one place. Thank You.


I think it is possible by setting the dashboard the way you want for one user, be it the superuser, then going in the database using phpMyAdmin (or another database browser) and copying the data for the dashboard from the user with the correct dashboard to the others users.

But, if really you have many users, you cant keep them from changing their dashboard afterward.

And, if you’re the only one, you didn’t need to make an user for each single site. I say that one just in case…