How to display url statistics publicly with php and matomo

I’m trying to display each url statistics publicly with matomo and php.

For example i have 3 urls.




I want to get the url with parameter in url and display the statistics of these urls on

I know how to get the url from parameter (url=cart) and put it in php variable in display.php page. I only don’t know how to use this url variable to display it’s statistics on display.php page.

This is the demo of exactly what i want to display on the display.php page:

I searched online and got this website: and Actions.getPageUrl() but couldn’t be able to make it. Couldn’t display exactly what you see on demo url on display.php

Please help me to do this.

Thank you,

I can suggest you to activate the widgetize plugin, then embed the url inside a <iframe> tag as described by documentation