How to disabel UTM parameters

Hi there

Could somebody advise me how to disable UTM parameters?

One client website has got UTM parameters for internal links which overwrites referral traffic, so I would like to disable all utm parameter and use mtm parameter instead.

Hi @Ken_Irie
Did you try to add this query param in the site configuration (:gear: > Measurables > Manage > Your site)? Not sure it will work…

Hi @heurteph-ei
Thanks for your comment, I tried it but doesn’t work.

Hi @Ken_Irie
How do you track? (MTM, basic JavaScript, log analytics, etc.)

hi @heurteph-ei
do you mean non utm traffic? we use MTM.

Hi @Ken_Irie
Then I suggest:

  1. You create an MTM variable of type Custom JavaScript in which you get the URL with queryparams, excluding utm*
  2. In the pageView tag, just set the URL coming from the variable defined in step 1:

Let me try and keep you update.