How to differentiate organic and paid search traffic

This question has been asked before in 2012 (!) and 2022. However, I couldn’t find an answer. The task is pretty simple: I need to to differentiate organic and paid search traffic. This is something GA had for ages. In GA4 it is pretty insane: the standard report shows the data, but in absolute numbers, not in percent. Seriously? Can Matomo show this data in a straightforward way?

Thank you!

Hi @Mo_Jura
Can you provide:

  • Version of Matomo you use,
  • Screenshot of what you tried and does not work… (or the dimension that is missing in the segment definition)

Hi there,

thank you for your reply. We use the latest version 4.15.1. It’s pretty difficult to show a screenshot of something that I can’t see. :grinning: I simply have no idea how to differentiate organic traffic from paid traffic, and I couldn’t find anything on this with Google nor could I find any information in the documentation. By “paid traffic” I mean users who clicked on an ad on the search results page.

Thank you!

Hi @Mo_Jura
I suppose the ad on the search results page id on the search engine page (Google, etc.), isn’t it? If so, is there any param in the page URL like utm_* (or mtm_*)? Then you should see this thanks to Acquisition > Campaigns report.
Then you’ll be able to create a segment based on the campaign:
If you want to compare traffics (from campaign, not form campaign, all), you can do so thanks to the segment comparison button: image

Thank you ver much. I created a segment with the following condition:

URL contains “aclk?”

The parameter for paid ads begins with “/aclk?”.

Unfortunately, I can’t see any traffic. It is almost 100% sure that some users have clicked on an ad in the past couple of days.

What am I missing here?

If there were calls to a URL and they were tracked, you will find them in the page report. Just search for it below, like in the screenshot.
but note if you put a ? enter that this will be treated like a regular expression (i.e. ? = a character).

If there are no such URLs with this pattern, then no calls for this URL were tracked. Then the problem lies somewhere else entirely and has nothing to do with the actual question.

Otherwise, I proceed as follows to distinguish between paid and organic traffic from search engines: I never use paid traffic without campaign parameters. It is absolutely necessary to work with this in every URL that points to your website. Explained like here

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