How to delete certain events and conversions

Hello. :slight_smile:

We’re a web development agency and are using matomo for a customer to track certain actions a user performs on our customers website. When a user is performing a certain action, an event is fired and a goal conversion is triggered.

One of the actions that we’re tracking is if a user has sent a contact form, which is very important to our customer.

Unfortunately, one of our contact forms has been abused to send spam and therefore a lot of events / goals that don’t hold any value have been triggered and are now showing up in our reports.

We do know exactly which events / goals have been triggered by a spam bot and would therefore like to remove those from Matomo so that our data is “clean” again.

Does anyone know a way to remove those events / goal conversions?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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You can use the GDPR tools to remove data from Matomo based on specific filters.


it looks like that could do the tricks. :slight_smile: All data regarding those visits will be deleted? Events, conversion goals, variables etc.?