How to customization the Home page of Piwik


Hi Sir…

I am new on the piwik and right now i am using 2.5.0 version of piwik .

i have successfully integrated piwik with my application but i need to customization the css code( ie color ,border,background image…etc ) at all on the basis of client theme.

can any one guide me how i can achieved this…or any one provide me any suitable doc for that …it will more helpful …

Another is there any way how to import our external css file instead of modified by default css file.

Guide me any one option how i can achieved this…



Hi Sir…

Till now i am not getting any thing …can any one guide me how i can include our external css file …where i need to modified…or How i can customization the piwik…

(Tassoman) #3

You should build a custom theme. You can find easily the documentation online.

Please don’t post support request in this forum the future because is general purpose. Use the correct forum.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

see also How to create a custom theme in Piwik - Introducing the Piwik Platform - Analytics Platform - Matomo