How to custom different dashboards for each website?

Hi everyone,

I would like to create unique dashboards for each website Matomo is plugged in. Is it possible to add separate widgets on different websites, and make them impossible to see on the other websites ? Thanks in advance for your help !

If I understood your question correctly:

  1. You are referring to the DEFAULT dashboard. That will only have a single layout, whatever you add / remove to that will be seen on each site, not per site.

  2. To achieve what you want you need to create a new dashboard per site. At the top right of the DEFAULT dashboard is a pulldown labeled DASHBOARD (not in the blue area, in the gray area to the right of ALL VISITS icon) and select CREATE NEW DASHBOARD.

In there you can define a default dashboard layout so when you create a new dashboard you have a prefered starting point. And from there create a dashboard for each website as you deem appropriate.

I don’t don’t know about widget permissions yet, but, the permissions seem to be on a per user basis, so when you create a new user you can set which websites and what permisssions per website each user has.

I hope I understood your question.