How to create the custom variables in magento using matomo

This is my code i tried to set the custom variable in Magento but i can’t see any variables is showing in matomo admin panel. I created the new Js file and declared this code into that please any one help me to do this. The situation i need to do is if the customer is logged in he need to indicate as customer in custom variable field.

require(["jquery","Henhed_Piwik/js/tracker","Magento_Customer/js/customer-data"], function($,trackerComponent,customerData) {
var customData = customerData.get("customer");
customData.subscribe(function (updatedCustomer){
		trackUserId = updatedCustomer['piwikUserId'];
		trackerComponent.getTracker().done(function (tracker) {
		if(trackUserId != null){
		console.log( _paq);
    }, this);