How to create segment: first visit is campaign, goal converted in further visit(s)


I am trying to create a segment to get results with those parameters:
the referrer of first user-visit is an (google-ad-)campaign, but at least one goal converted in some of his (following) visit(s).

When I select, “referrer-type = campaign” and combining it with “show converted goals” I just get those visitors, which converted on this referrer type. all visits since the second visit not included. that’s right, but not what I want :slight_smile:

any ideas?
thank you

I’m looking for something similar.

You can change the behavior in the javascript-tracking code.
Look here: Piwik attributes conversions to the last seen referrer by default. How do I credit conversions to the first referrer instead? - Analytics Platform - Piwik

But I’m not sure, what other problems this method brings up. What is with your second google-ads-campaign?

Probably it would be nice to have segmented log which shows for a goal all visitors that have in the past one visit with a campaign-referrer.

Or, a little bit more work, a link to the visitor profile in the visitor-log segmented by a goal.