How to Create a Visitor Log Email (w/ custom variables)

It looks like the default email reports are just summaries. I need a weekly email report that mirrors the actual visitor log, including visitor actions.

I realize on high traffic sites sending an email report like this would be insanely long but this is for a small site that’s mostly password protected but for clients.


  1. Has this already been done? Has someone already solved this?

  2. Should I just use the API and parse the PHP or JSON output from the URL directly into a new HTML email template or should I figure out a way to integrate this “visitor log” into the current report selection dashboard via a plugin … I guess this way I could use the existing PIWIK email report scheduling and report sending functionality instead of having to set up a separate cron when using the API to my own HTML templates.

Any advice is appreciated.

Hi there,

it is not yet implemented, but there is a feature request: Add Visitor Logs to the Scheduled Reports (html and pdf) · Issue #1834 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

please leave a message in that issue to make your voice heard :slight_smile:

Cool. Thanks Matt. You the man. Amazing analytics tool you’ve built here.