How to create a schema registry for particular Event

Hi team,
Please guide me on the best practises for creating a schema registry in Matomo.
Let’s suppose I want to make an event for orderCheckout, so in that case, in the schema registry, I will define the fields (blank) and validation that are required whenever this eventfires from the client side.
_paq.push([‘orderCheckout’, {“productId”: “12xc”, all keys which are defined in the schema}]);
If orderCheckout method _paq.push([‘orderCheckout’ not containing the expexted fields as per the schema, then validation must be maintain in some log files or etc.

Is there a seperate plugin which needs to be download for this ? or is inbuilt in matomo ?


Team, please guide me to where the schema creation tab is, I saw Events tab inside Behavior, but i don’t think so, this is what i am searching for.

team please guide…where the schema creation tab ? do we need to install seperate plugin for this ?