How to create a report for unique user at minute granularity


We have the Custom Reports plugin and are struggling with the following usecase;

For a custom dimension, per server hour, per server minute, display the total amount of unique users for any given minute.

We have heartbeats configured for 45s.

Our average visit duration is 30min. If we have 2000 users active from 00:00 to 00:30, we would expect that the report would display:
Custom Dimension - 00 - 00 - 2000
Custom Dimension - 00 - 01 - 2000
Custom Dimension - 00 - 02 - 2000
Custom Dimension - 00 - 03 - 2000

And from 00:30 to 01:00, 2000 new active users visit the site:
Custom Dimension - 30 - 00 - 2000
Custom Dimension - 30 - 01 - 2000
Custom Dimension - 30 - 02 - 2000
Custom Dimension - 30 - 03 - 2000

Then if we view the report the given hour, it should display 4000 users:
Custom Dimension - 00 - 4000

Our Custom Report is setup with;
Server Time - Hour
Server Time - Minute

Unique Visitors
Unique Event Actions

The reports doesn’t make sense when you break it down per minute. I’ll attach a screenshot of the report

Are we using the wrong Dimensions ? Or are we not able to get this data from Custom Reports?

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One of our developers also noticed something wrong with the reports.

It reports more unique visitors for a given hour, than total for the whole day. That should not be possible :slight_smile:

The API url used for that query:

Hi There,

Can you tell us the scope your dimensions are in?



It is a Visit dimension. I assume thats the data your after ?

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