How to connect to the api in piwik 3.0?

Hi !
I’m tring to use the piwik API in the version piwik 3.0 b2.

When I try API connection with a valid token_auth param Im redirected to the login form.
In piwik 2.x this was working.

It is a bug or the API connection changed in the v3 ?

Thanks a lot !


i got the exact same problem after upgrading to Piwik3.

I embeded IFrame-Stats via this URL:


It worked in Piwik 2, but fails with Piwik 3.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks a lot!

HI @piwik,

the problem in my code was the “index” in actionToWidgetize. Changing the action to “get” solved the problem.

Seems that not every valid embed in Piwik 2 is valid in Piwik 3. So you should generate new Codes for your widgets, i think.

That worked for me.

Have a nice day!