How to configure the Matomo Drupal Module to interact correctly with cookieBot

Hello I have installed easily the Matomo module for Drupal (SASS cloud version -it’s counting!); and I am now trying to figure out if the Matomo Tracking code and Cookies are correctly intercepted and categorized in cookieBot consent manager.

I am very confused because the documentation about this on Cookiebot’s and Matomo’s sites are totally different !

Aside from choosing between the 2 approaches listed above, there is no clear documentation regarding adding the cookiebot extra javascript in the Drupal module! the module allows to enter js code in 2 Drupal fields which will load the scripts before and after the main Matomo snippet respectively.

Anyone has suggestions ?!?

Hi @lucaPost
As the cookiebot documentation seems more recent, I would say, this could be more accurate.
Did you try to ask them for help?

I followed the MAtomo documentation, which suggest to add an extra script before the main MAtomo snippet and an extra line within the main matomo snippet.
To implement this with the Drupal module I tried to drop both of these in the ‘Advanced Settings’ → Custom Javascript code → Javascript snippet (before) field… and it seems to work!