How to configure piwik to email daily reports

I scheduled email reports and I am not receiving these.

When I click on the “Send Report now” I get the report properly emailed to me.

I read two other forum threads that report this problem, and in which administrator offers possible solutions. However, I am not knowledgeable with cron jobs, and I need help implementing the suggested changes.

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I use a shared host, with PHP 5.3.2, hence I cannot upgrade PHP to the version you require for piwik 2.x to operate as expected.

I cannot create cron tasks through host, but I am able to set up web cron, and I followed the directions indicated here: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

HERE is where I need help. In the forum discussions I listed above, administrator indicates I will get errors emailed to me. Also, I understand I can read logged errors. Where would I read these logged errors?

Thank you

I managed to run the cron as per wiki directions; however, I got ERROR “Got invalid response from API request”

Please advice. Thank you

Can you check your server error logs ? This will contain some information as to what the error is.


I managed to run the archiving cron job successfully. However, I did not received the report emailed to me. I think I don’t understand the chain of events I must configure to make this happen.

If I have schedule to email reports @ 12 o’clock, should the cron job execute exactly at 12 o’clock?

will a discrepancy on minutes make a difference (i.e. since the scheduled task is set for 12 o’clock, but the cron executes at 12:01 then script concludes there are no scheduled tasks)?

If I want to schedule reports on the evening, like at 9PM, would I enter 21 in the time field (21 o’clock)?

When you indicate that we follow the directions for archiving as a solution to have piwik 2.xx email the reports, what exactly does archiving do? save the report somewhere?

If my server were 5.4 would the email report work seamlessly, without the need for a cron job?

Thank you

What i meant was to check your web server error log file. If you don’t know what iti s, ask sysadmin or your web host they will be able to help


I understood what you meant. My host provider has restrictions on viewing server errors. I won’t be able to see today’s errors until 7 days from now.

Perhaps I can make headway if you help me understand how does time discrepancy between the cron and the schedule task work, and if if you let me know how to set PM times. Then I can continue with trial and error until I get it

Thank you

Also, general piwik installation is set to UTC. But we can set the timezone for a website, for example PST.

So if I schedule a report for 14 o’clock, 2PM, in a website that is configured at the PST, is the task scheduled for 14 hrs UTC or 14 hrs PST?

I ask so that I can schedule the cron at the same time, host server has its own time configuration, the cron runs at host’s server time, and then there is the piwik UTC time vs. website’s configured time.