How to check which links/buttons etc. are clicked on a page with Page Overlay

I would like to see which links/buttons/elements etc. are used on a page. Page Overlay would be a perfect solution, but:
“It is important to understand that Page Overlay doesn’t really record the click on the link. Instead, it uses the data Matomo gathers anyway to determine which pages were viewed directly after visiting the current page. If there are multiple links to this page, it cannot tell which link was used how many times.”

I could use the Heatmap function but it is a premium plugin. Could you suggest me an alternative solution? Thanks

Hi @gulyasan
A solution (but with no representation of the page) is the track of all links:

Thank you! Or may be just measuring the identical links on the same page, for the rest the overlay can give a good picture…

Hi @gulyasan
What do you mean by:


I mean overlay gives a good overall picture. I think it is completely reliable if you want to check which menu / links are not used at all on a given page. But if there are two links/two different menus that bring you to the same Url, it does not work. In this case you must use events.

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