How to Change Provider's URL


Hi guys,

now I have finally gotten Piwik setup again I was looking through my report and found that one or two URL’s for providers were incorrect (I also had to add a new provider to the list due to the name also being incorrect). Does anyone know of how to correct the url on the provider report?

(Stefan Giehl) #2

Which URL exactly is incorrect? Can you reproduce that on
I’m not able to fully understand what exactly you mean. Maybe you could also add an screenshot, pointing that out.


Hi Sorry for being unclear I have attached a screenshot… The name Telefonica UK Ltd was added by myself as it was originally shown as the url for this provider is but I was wondering where this information is taken from to be able to update any future instances.

Edit: also yes I am able to reproduce it on the demo site if you look at the log at 5:29am

(Stefan Giehl) #4

Ah, You mean you have added an provider to the datafile?
Feel free to create an pull request for that on github, that list is neither very accurate nor completed by now.

The URLs are tried to be generated by the given provider. If it looks like an URL its simply taken as link.
See matomo/functions.php at master · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub