How to change Date Range selection to Year 2013?

On the Dashboard I click on the DATE RANGE widget title and see the expanded menu with Day, Week, Month, Year, Date Range radio buttons.

If I click the radio button for Year, I see a Date calendar listing days of the current month instead of an option to select a specific year or a field to enter a specific year.

Then - even if I choose 2013 from the select menu in the Date calendar there is no Apply Date Range button to submit the new range value. It disappeared when I clicked the Year radio button.

I’ve tried clicking on the DATE RANGE widget title again but that just closes the expanded menu without saving the option.

It stays at 2014 no matter what year I select in the pulldown.

it’s a bit confusing, but there are two was to select the YEAR data range:

  • Click on Year button, then click anywhere in the calendar on any day-> will load the year
  • Click on Year button. Then click again on year button. -> will load the year of the previously selected date

Thanks Matt. Clicking anywhere in the calendar worked for me.

I had the same issue. Change it to a drop down year selector, because you shouldn’t be selecting a day to choose a year.