How to avoid tracking my own mobile phone?


I just lauched a new site, and GREAT : a guy from England keeps visitting it from his mobile, at length - by direct entries, which probably means he’s bookmarked me !

That was very motivating until I realized the so-called English guy was me, checking my own website’s mobile interface. The geolocalization is wrong, which I know happens, and the detected resolution is bullshit, because that’s one of my phone’s well-known “features”, but it’s me, all right.

So here’s my question : how can I prevent Piwik from tracking my phone ? It’s a Samsung “Galaxy class” Android, and it DOESN’T seem to take cookies.

(Also, because it doesn’t take cookies, I can’t log in to Piwik’s interface from my phone - but that’s ok as far as i’m concerned.)

My integration of Piwik is very simple: the basic tracking code down each page, and yo ! Works perfectly - thanks to the team, btw.

Now I wonder, since I’m no computer scientist : how much of your answers will I understand ? :wink: :wink:

You can exclude your IP adress or exclude your user agent in the Settings>Websites screen

Thanks !

This will do fine for me, but just for my education, I’d like to know : <ill these solutions actually prevent tracking, or do they just keep Piwik from displaying/analyzing the data ?