How to analyze virtual directory Hits

Hi ,
anyone know how to analyze web site virtual directory(application) Hits.
my website have many virtual directory , I want to how many Hits each Virtual Directory.
is it possible?



is the path actually loaded into the browser, or you would like to like to track views without actually reloading the body of the page?

yes, the path actually loaded into the browser. like Microsoft - Official Home Page Microsoft - Official Home Page

IIS server

So if whole page is reloaded, @michaelweica, and JS snippet is also reloaded, then every of such URLs should be picked up. How is it working now? Or are you just researching the topic?

I didnt use track code, I just import IIS log.

the report cannot show virtual path hits.

Ah ok, so are these paths actually included in the log? If they are not, then you have to configure your server to include them. If they are in the access log, maybe please paste lines including such directories and the format config you use to import, so I can see what might be going wrong during import (like wrong HTTP code being logged or something).

If these paths are not included at all in the log, this is your issue then.