How to analyse a huge number of forms

I’m currently implementing Matomo on a clients website. It’s our first project, hence we do it for free. The client site has around 80 Forms for their customers, all are very similar, but have some different fields. They all are placed on different pages. I have two questions regarding this.

  1. Matomo only recognized 3 Forms automatically. How do I get Matomo to recognize all of them?
  2. How do I add forms manually otherwise? I added them with the ID manually now, but it doesn’t seem to track them.
  3. Is there any best case scenario how to keep an overview of so many forms? In the end they are all very similar, but I kinda would like to recognize them separately.

Appreciate any help,

Hi Vincenz,

Is this for a self-hosted installation or Cloud?


Hi Jason,

thanks for your answer. This is a cloud installation.

Are the features different in cloud and self hosted?


There is a 3 form limit in the trial, a paid subscription on the cloud allows up to 100 forms.

Hi Jason,
we are not in the trial period. It’s a paid subscription. I added several forms manually, however considering the amount of forms this is a rather tedious job.
Furthermore, how do I add form

Hi there,

The forms should be added automatically, can you share a URL where a form is that has not been added to your cloud? We will investigate further from there.