How to Add Total Conversions and Conversion Rate Columns in Matomo 5.x Marketing Reports


I’m looking for a way to create the following overview for marketing evaluations in Matomo 5.x:

Breakdown by Channel: Campaign/Source Page - Medium (for example google - cpc)


  • Visits
  • Total Conversions
  • Total Conversion Rate
  • Goal 1 Count
  • Goal 1 Conversion Rate
  • Goal 2 …

However, when I add this to the dashboard, the total columns are missing. Is there a way to include them? I can only see the individual goal values, which is not very helpful when I want to quickly compare the channels overall.


Hi @Matomar
You can either download data and import them back to another tool via the download icon:

Or ask for feature request in the Marketing Campaign Reporting GitHub repository:

Or subscribe the Custom Reports premium plugin: