How To access site url for piwik ( under Joomla )


I set up Piwik using the Piwik Joomla plugin

In the settings page for the plug in I have to add the site url.

I entered:

However , when I try to access this url , it say restricted access.

How then can I start my installation process ?

I don’t think Piwik itself should be installed in the Joomla plugins folder. Direct URL access will be denied in this case I’m thinking.

Try uploading the Piwik files in a new folder by itself in the sites root
eg - - This website is for sale! - yoursiteurl Resources and Information. or something like this

The piwik install is done threw that URL as well as the piwik admin afterwards no need to go directly to any particular file just to the folder

and the Piwik Joomla plugin itself is set up from the Joomla Admin
Make sure the Piwik install is finished and working before setting up and activating the Joomla plugin

This is how I was set up and it worked fine
Hope this helps