How report from API log visit action


I setup 1 custom variable on each visit page of users. I would like retrieve using API the count of visit depending the custom value that i have setup.

I don’t understand if i must use the Api Actions.get module combined with segment with a custom_var_name & custom_var_value or if i must use the VisitorSummary Api

The log_link_visit_action contains per visit my custom variable. I need count how many hits have been made using the server date as criteria and my custom_var_name= valueX or valueY

Thank a lot ! :slight_smile:

Does it’s possible to count using the API the number of record in log_link_visit using a custom_var_value & custom_var_name as restrictive criteria ?

Does it’s possible to do “SQL” query using the API ?

Thank a lot :wink: