How often is location data logged? For every request or only once per visitor?

I’m trying to understand how the location data is logged in Piwik. Can someone help answer these questions:

[li] How does the location data (lat & lon) get stored? Is that a lookup based on their IP address?
[/li][li] Does only the IP get logged, or does the lat/lon get stored with it?
[/li][li] When does the location data get stored? Does their lat & lon get logged once per session or does it get stored for every page request?

What I’m trying to understand is if I can expect to look up device locations by date or by page and see those latitude & longitude values and know whether those are accurate or if they’re just been captured once per device and then basically just stale after that.

Hi there,

See: Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo for some info.

  1. once per visit
  2. ip + lat + long + city + region + country are stored
  3. yes, once per visit