How much data does PIWIK send per page visit


How much data does PIWIK send per page visit?

If the network admin asked how does much bandwidth does PIWIK demand from the network how can one arrive at an estimate?


Here is a bandwidth chart for one day with 43000 pageviews (37000 unique) …


Thanks Povezi !

Am I correct to do this very rough calculation from your graph ?

2 k/sec * 60 * 60 * 24 / 1024 = 168.75 MB traffic for a whole day

Then it’s about 200 MB incoming traffic for 50 000 pages a day.

Or should we add inbound and outbound ? Then it would mean 7 k/sec and 600 MB a day for your 43k pageviews site and 700 MB for a 50k pageviews site ?



You can choose do you want up + down … depending why do you need info and what is critical/charged on your server…

keep in mind that if you save all info about visitors you database size could be more critical…

hope that my info helps you…


No worries,

It was really just a curiosity. I don’t have network restriction at work and my DB is already almost using 6 G after a year of Piwik and everything is fine.