How matomo can tracking website

(Gelia Lestari) #1

hello, im from indonesian, and i want to ask something about matomo. How does matomo tracking a website?

(Roddy A. Stegemann) #2

Hi, I am from Seattle, Washington. It is a growing city located in North America.

There are several ways to track a website with Matomo. I, for one, use Javascript. I have chosen this way, because Javascript is perhaps the most popular front-end language for webpage development. It works like this:

Step One: After downloading and installing the Matomo application on your server you place a script on each of the pages that you would like to track on your website.

Step Two: When a visitor to your website downloads a webpage from your website, the script is run, and an HTTP request is sent to the server on which the Matomo application has been installed…

Step Three: When the request is received the contents of the script are stored in a database that you create and that is accessible to the Matomo application.

Step Four: This data is then accessible in a variety of ways using the Matomo analytics reporting APIs.